Photographer: Sandra Dee Nicholson

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Makeup by: Dara Krastein

Jordan Riley - Second Camera/PA

"Sometimes we have to experience fear to understand that we are all more alike than different...

A Movie by

Marguerite Fair  Executive Producer

Writer,  Director, Producer, Set Designer

Contact Information

Script Supervisor/Assistant Art Director

Christine Lori

We do apologize for the sound,  there were some issues. Our wonderful editor Carlos Azucena made amazing adjustments for sound levels.

Sound Department: Hannah Cusack/Heidi Mirow/Lana Lekaninou

Signing Consultant: Melanie Cohen Vansell, Paster

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Anna Iverson -  Associate Producer/PA

Originally, The Racists was to have its world premiere screening at Warner Brothers in Burbank. However, it was cancelled due to the Corona Virus

Hear the original song written & song by Kathy Bee-Hampton - KathyBee.Com   "Riding on a Carousel"  Thank you Kathy!

The Racists having its world premiere on May 8, 2020 at Warner Brothers in Burbank! 

The Racists is a hybrid, experimental, independent movie by Marguerite Fair

Robert Lee Davis - Lead Grip/PA

Marguerite Fair's book demonstrates how you too can create the life you want, at any age!

T H E   R A C I S T S