Within the story, a book called: "Your Are Right 100% Of The Time" , is a big part of the movie  The Racists that enables the characters to develop and learn exactly how connected they are in the world.   This book was written by Marguerite  Fair to help everyone who feels her or his life is not where they expected it to be at this point in time.

After several independent projects, Marguerite Fair is making her first Independent, full feature movie. It takes a lot of love, time , energy and money.  Please donate today!

The Racists is a hybrid, experimental, independent movie  written and  directed by Marguerite Fair. Produced in association with That's So Funny Entertainment

Carlos Azucena, editor for The Racists, has nicknamed Marguerite "Grannytino" since her movie - making style is bold, dynamic and empowering.

All Proceeds from the book go to the screenings for The Racists!

World Premiere to be held at Warner Brothers in Burbank, CA 5/8/2020

ADVD available soon!


Marguerite Fair is a writer, director & producer forFair Productions.Biz

Hear Kathy Bee - Hampton's original song "Riding on the Carousel" in our Trailer. 


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