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During Carlos's  forced incarceration, situations seem to occur non-stop.  The first time Mary feeds him, he goes into Anaphylactic Shock and with a stab of her Epipen, she saves him.  When he tries to escape, she hoses him down to teach him a lesson; the next morning she finds him shivering with a high fever. So, she brings him into the house to nurse him back to health.


We are now in a dining room and see ripped grocery bags with items over-spilling on the table and floor, car keys and the now bloody top that Mary was wearing.  A sleeve is ripped off and it is splattered with blood.  Wondering what has happened to Mary, we move into an old dilapidated garage and find Carlos unconsciousness on an air mattress. One of his fingers is wrapped in a bloody bandage.

In an  attempt to work through her feelings of being disrespected because of her age and invisibility, and a painful relationship with her son, she kidnaps him in a bizarre attempt to claim her Power.  Mary has nursing skills and takes care of her hostile guest, keeping him aware at all times that she is in control.

When Mary gets stung by a bee, Carlos gets the key to his cuffs from her pocket,  gets an Epipen and saves Mary's life.  Once she comes to, she quickly disables him to keep him in her home.

Carol Hannan as Mary Kelly

Synopsis - The Racist(s) - written by:

Marguerite Fair (c) 2016

As the story progresses, we discover that  Carlos  is an abused gay, undocumented man with a grudge against older white women.  His mother was killed by an older woman who hated him.  Mary is hard of hearing and estranged from her son who lives in another state and refuses to have a relationship with his mother since she left his father and married another man.

Juan Felipe Restrepo as Carlos Lopez

After grocery shopping, sixty-eight year old hearing challenged Mary Kelly backs out of her parking space to head home. She doesn't notice twenty-five year old Carlos Lopez, who talks on his cell phone, while walking in back of her SUV. When Mary's vehicle almost runs into him, he SLAMS his man bag on the back of her car and she stops. An out of control Carlos, rages and begins pounding on the passenger's side of her SUV.

Their resolution occurs when an epic earthquake hits. Mary is in her room, hurt and crying out for help.  Carlos, restricted by his cuff attached to a chain is so filled with concern and wanting to help her, asks for God's help and the chain that has  been rubbing on the cement cinder blocks it runs through, SNAPS and breaks, it is a miracle.  Just when it seems life is back to balance, the unthinkable happens and proves that we all need each other for survival.

They start communicating and learn more about each other.  With nothing else to do in his prison, he starts reading one of Mary's Spiritual books and their dialogues expand as they learn they are more alike than they realized.