After grocery shopping, sixty-eight year old hearing challenged Mary Kelly backs out of her parking space to head home. She doesn't notice twenty-five year old Carlos Lopez, who talks on his cell phone, while walking in back of her SUV. When Mary's vehicle almost runs into him, he SLAMS his man bag on the back of her car and she stops. An out of control Carlos, rages and begins pounding on the passenger's side of her SUV.

And that is where our story begins...

Synopsis - The Racist(s) - written by:

Marguerite Fair (c) 2016

We are now in a dining room and see ripped grocery bags with items over-spilling on the table and floor, car keys and the now bloody top that Mary was wearing.  A sleeve is ripped off and it is splattered with blood.  Wondering what has happened to Mary, we continue moving into the drama.

End of Synopsis -